Viola Verve

Viola Verve delights the senses with decadence & sensuality. Her performances are diverse in their range, from romantic vintage to seductive & powerful classics. Her neo performances range from Nerdlesque, to bold & eccentric performances.

Viola is an award winning burlesque performer & vintage pinup, and a regular in the Adelaide Burlesque scene over the past 8 years. She has taken part in & produced sell out shows over the last six years in Fringe World Perth, Adelaide Fringe, Cabaret Fringe & Stirling Fringe, and has captivated audiences with her involvement in productions across Australia.


Viola is the owner & producer of production companies ‘Deco Dolls’, ‘Once Upon a Teaser’ and ‘A Burlesque Teaser’, and regularly brings sell-out seasons to the Australian audiences.


When Viola isn’t producing or performing, she is the resident burlesque instructor for Kelly Dance studios, Pole 4 Fitness & Burly Q Events, loves teaching and giving back to others in her local community, and firmly believes in creating a safe & supportive place for emerging artists. 

Viola will mesmerise you as she ignites the stage with her smouldering intensity & sultry moves. This is one alluring bombshell you won’t soon forget!

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ABF19-VV-02-10-19 (15)

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  • Bump and Grind - Medianoche

  • Private workshop - Alyssa Kitt

  • Stage presence - Dirty Martini

  • Choreography - Zelia Rose

  • Tassel Twirling workshop - Medianoche

  • Feather fans private lessons and workshop- Vicky Butterfly

  • Feather fan workshop - Aurora Galore

  • Choreography workshop - Lila Luxx

  • Private lessons - Bettie Bombshell

  • Choreography workshop - Bettie Bombshell

  • Charleston - Bettie Bombshell

  • Showgirl workshop - Bettie Bombshell

  • Private lessons - Lady Cara Studios

  • Private lesson - Becky Lou

  • Bump and Grind workshop - Becky Lou

  • Stage presence and character - Lord of Mis-rule

  • Bump & grind, Tassel twirling, Boa, Chair work, Charleston, clothing removal techniques (gown, corset, shoes, gloves, bra, suspenders, stockings, shirt), neo burlesque, routine development, burlesque walk , Blues dancing, Cane dancing, Chorus line, GoGo- Peaches N’ Gin (Sapphire Snow, Luna Eclipse & Nona Mona).

  • Chair dancing - Lyra la Belle

  • Feather Fans - Camilla Cream

  • Blues - Sheena Miss Demeanour

  • Charleston - Sheena Miss Demeanour

  • American Grind - Lyra la Belle

  • Stage makeup - Aurora Galore

  • Pin up make up and hair - The Lindy Charm School

  • Training in deportment

  • Beginner ballet – Amy Firebird

  • Stagehand for burlesque shows workshop- Lady Cara Studios

  • Beginner pole workshop - Bella Bordello

  • 1960s Go-Go - Lenore Noir

  • Chair dancing - Cello Bordello

  • 1960s Go-Go - Leopard Lass & Lyra la Belle

  • Veil fan dancing - Jazida

  • Vintage Varitease [routines inspired by the legends of Golden Age burlesque] - Maple Rose

  • Slow & Sultry burlesque - Bettie Bombshell

  • Burlesque through the ages - Zelia Rose

  • Stage Steeze - Zelia Rose

  • Snappy Edits [music editing for burlesque] - Michael Wheatley

  • The Sensual Study of Burlesque - how to research for your act - Dollar Dazzler

  • Classic burlesque - Ginger Valentine

  • Floor work - Ginger Valentine

  • Fit & Flex for burlesque with routine - Ginger Valentine