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Current Acts

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Save My Soul

With this bold bump & grind, Viola bares all & show's audiences she's not here just to play. Performed to Big Bad Voodoo Daddy's song 'Save My Soul'.


1920s Noir Femme Fatale 

A dark 1920s classic Burlesque routine with large pheasant feather fans.



She’s the stitched-up rag doll come to life from a land of nightmares. Watch her unstitch as she laments over her unrequited love for Jack The Pumpkin King.

Since I've Been Lovin' You 

A Bump & Grind, feather fan dance burlesque tribute act to Led Zeppelin.


A Joplin Tribute

A seductive tribute to the amazing vocals of Janis Joplin & the late 1960s


Minnie the Moocher

A fun 7 cheeky1920s classic Burlesque routine to the classic song, Minnie the Moocher

You GoGo Girl

In this performance Viola fuses her love of 60's GoGo with burlesque to The Beatles 'I Saw Her Standing There'.

Beauty & the Tease

Viola Verve does a tribute act to Beauty & the Beast. Viola shows the audience exactly how she won the beast's heart, although his no prince charming!

Rhapsody in Royal Blue

A decadent routine, showcasing 1920s glamour, style & cheekiness with large pheasant feather fans.

Femme Fatale

Viola performs as a Femme Fatale Bond inspired badass. Not falling for Bonds moves, she keeps focus on her true love - getting those dollar bills!

A Classic Love

Shrug off those 21st century shackles as Viola Verve bumps & grinds us back in time with as she charms us with cheekiness & debauchery.

Poison Paradise

Viola will mesmerise you as she ignites the stage with her smouldering intensity and sultry moves in this classic boa routine to Post Modern Jukebox's version of Toxic. This is one alluring pinup you won’t soon forget!

Moonlight Dream

With this golden age classic, Viola invites you to dream a little dream as she flies you to the moon and back.

The Firefly

Like neon lights they shine so bright, the firefly will take their flight.

With a fusion of modern & classic burlesque elements, as well as the use of LED technology, Viola performs a piece inspired by the dance of the firefly.

Paradise Circus

Viola Verve, Gorgeous and sweet, breaks out of her shell dancing with smouldering intensity. She ignites the stage with her mesmerising moves and bewitching eyes, moving in time to an erotic and intoxicating dream of breaking free from her circus life into the world of sultry dance and burlesque.

Smokey Storm

Shrug off those 21st century shackles as Viola Verve takes you back in time with this performance, to an era filled with elaborate finery, glitz and vintage glamour. A Golden Age Classic Feather Fan Dance.

In Bloom

Viola loves to infuse her performances with classic glamour, beauty and romance. With this elegant number she’s sure to open your petals until you’re hearts in bloom, seeing the world as if through rose coloured glasses.

Deco Dolls - Chicago

A duet with Lilly Evelyn, to pay tribute to the final number in the movie 'Chicago' to the song 'Nowadays'. The number begins with a beautiful fan dance, and transitions into a fun, comedic charleston number.


Viola Verve is arguably one of the hardest working performers on the Adelaide circuit, as both dancer and producer, and tonight she showed she is never short of ideas or a new take by manifesting X-Men’s ‘Storm’. A high voltage delivery, and never static on stage, she was ever-ready to keep powering through her routine long after my idea’s for review puns blacked out. Marvel-ous! Jonathan Carfax from (Reviewing Eye Of The Storm)


"Viola Verve, in contrast, was sensually slower in a sultry performance that had the audience drooling, even over her ability to simply remove her gloves. She has definitely mastered the art of tease, especially when cavorting with her feather boa. Her rhythmic sensuality was enhanced by her choice of music; a slow and sultry cabaret version of Britney Spears’s up-beat Toxic which suited the routine perfectly." - GLAM ADELAIDE (Reviewing Poison Paradise)


"Viola was sassy, sweet and sultry, teasing the audience with her fluffy feather boa while giving the audience sly smiles & winks. Her act was the perfect show opener - a mix of sweet & spice to make the audience feel nice!" - Tay Around Town (Reviewing A Classic Love)


"It is good to go out with a bang. Or a chainsaw. Or other blunt object one may need during a Zombie Apocalypse. And for that we can thank Viola Verve, who worked Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” as a catalyst to show she is bringing sexy back…from the grave. It is clever production smarts like this that ensures the burly arts is equal parts ingenuity to the expected sass & style." - Jonathan Carfax from (Reviewing Thriller) 


"It was equal parts disturbing yet fascinating in the manner she managed to maintain “soulless doll eyes”, which occasionally would transition to softness and sensuality before withdrawing back. It was a clever introvert/extrovert dynamic that a number of people noted." - Jonathan Carfax from (Reviewing Paradise Circus)


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